What to do if…

What to do if you smell propane gas:

  1. Alert the other occupants and exit the building.
  2. Do not turn lights on or off
  3. Do not operate anything that could create a spark.
  4. Put out any/all candles or smoking materials.
  5. Leave the area
  6. IF it is safe to do so, turn off the gas at the tank.  There is a knob that turns clockwise.
  7. Report the leak.
  8. Call Huckleberry at 796-2007 or call 911
  9. Do not enter the building until it has been deemed safe to do so by the fire department or Huckleberry.

What to do if you have an oil leak:

1. Call us at 796-2007 to get a technician dispatched to the property.  If needed we will contact the State of NH Department of Environmental Services.


2. If it is a major leak/spill call your local fire department via the 911 system.

What to do if you have no heat:

  • Check to make sure all of your thermostats are ON or in HEAT mode
    1. Turn up the thermostats to a higher temperature
    2. Check/Change the batteries in your thermostats
  • Check your emergency switch – is it in the ON position?
  • Check your circuit breaker – is it in the ON position?
  • Check your fuel tank – do you have fuel?
  • For Oil systems – press the reset button once

If all the above fail or you need fuel call us for service or delivery!

What to do if a shark is circling you:

  • Stay in your boat
  • Stay calm
  • If you are in the water –
    1. Ask yourself why are you on Huckleberry’s website looking for answers
    2. Get off our page and call emergency services
  • We are good but not this good!

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