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World Headquarters
Huckleberry Propane & Oil
166 King St
Boscawen NH 03303

Office: 603-796-2007

**We will never miss your phone call.  If all lines are busy or you are calling after hours you will be forwarded or our answering service.  Listen to the message and press ‘0’ to be directed to a live human being who will take your information.  Either a service technician will be contacted or the office will return your call depending on your situation.

Fax: 603-796-2049

Tracy Huckins

Customer Service:
Matthew Butt

Lead Installer:
Doug Stone

Outstanding Service Techs:
Billy Bialecki
Harvey Kingsbury
Bradford Merrill
Richard Tallman
Todd Wood

Unbelievably Amazing Staff:
Carol Beaulieu
Dara Gove
Pam Malcolm
Karrie Jenovese
Marissa France

Service Manager:
Jake Huckins

Delivery Manager:
Justin Rice

Master Electrician:
Andy Warren

Stupendous Delivery Drivers:
Tim Douilette
Matty Groves
Pat Linehan
Jeremy Nelson
Jason Page
Steve Silva

Vice President in charge of Mechanical Affairs:
Ron York