Fuels we deliver:

We deliver Propane, #2 Home Heating Oil, Kerosene (K-1), and both On-Road Diesel and Off-Road Diesel (dyed).

Our experienced staff is committed to getting your delivery of fuel to you in a timely fashion.

Automatic Delivery:

Automatic delivery entrusts your uninterrupted heating of your home to Huckleberry.  We base our delivery on consumption rate and heating degree days.  We feel that fuel delivery is a team effort and always appreciate the communication with our customers if you notice your tank lower than normal.

What happens if we have an error and you do run out of fuel?  You contact us 24/7 and we will get you fuel and get your system up and running (barring we held the delivery for payment or other reasons).  The only charge to you would be the cost of the fuel we put in your tank!

A few words about automatic delivery:

  • If you use a supplemental heat source (wood stove, pellet stove, heat pump, etc…) we will not be able to accurately predict your usage.  We will need good communication with you to make sure you are always satisfied with our delivery service.
  • A new baby or have you put on an addition?  If you have any changes in your household – let us know so we can adjust our projections.
  • Do you heat with propane and use a fireplace/hearth stove/direct vent heater in the shoulder seasons – let us know as this is a different consumption pattern that we will need to adjust for.

Scheduled Delivery:

This is a form of “automatic” delivery but we want to go to your home on a set schedule.  We set this up for propane accounts that don’t have any heat appliances; for example a home that heats with oil and uses the propane for cooking, clothes dryer, BBQ Grill and heating water.  We need to set up a schedule to ensure your appliances always have fuel.

Will Call Delivery:

You are in charge!  You call us when you want a delivery.  Please note that we do have minimum delivery requirements and ask for up to 5 business days to make that delivery.  In extreme situations we may require more than 5 business days – think multiple and major snow storms.  The safest bet is don’t let your tank get below 1/3rd for oil and kerosene.  Will call is not available for propane customers unless you own your tank.

The disadvantage to being a will call customer is if you wait too long to order and your tank runs dry, there are fees for restarting your appliances.

Diesel Customers:

We deliver diesel to your jobsite / landing in our delivery area.  We fill your skid tank(s) at your home base or in the field.   We can fill your diesel generator also!

Are you on a long term job site?  No problem! Our routing software allows us to set up a delivery schedule to meet your needs.

CALL US TODAY to learn more about how Huckleberry can keep you warm and all your appliances running!

Areas We Service